BOKEN Quality Evaluation Institute was established in 1948 for the purpose of promoting the export of textile products and improvements in quality, obtained authorization from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (currently the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry).

 BOKEN is Japan’s leading comprehensive testing organization with neutral and fair that conducts testing and research with a focus on textiles. We are testing wide range of products such as natural and chemical raw materials to all types of textiles and clothing. BOKEN is registered as an investigative organization for claims under the Product Liability Law. We also offer technical consultation concerning the safety of consumer goods, environmental measurement and other services. BOKEN has forged business and technical collaboration with testing organizations around the world, and with our world-class knowledge, skill and technology, we are steadily evolving our business as a reliable testing organization.




Yasunori Yoshida, Chief Excecutive Officer


December 6, 1948

Main Services

[Material and product performance evaluation] Fiber mixture ratio, Dimensional change, Physical property, Colorfastness, Washing resistance
[Safety evaluation] Certain Aromatic Amines, Formaldehyde, Flammability, Indoor air environment(VOC), Food Sanitation Act
[Evaluation of functional products] Hygroscopic heat generation, Solar thermal storage, Moisture drying rate, Moisture permeable waterproof, Absorption and desorption, Antibacterial, Odor resistance, Antibacterial test for photocatalytic products, Deodorization test for photo catalytics products, Antifouling, Mold-proof, Antivirus, Mite-proof, Ultraviolet ray blocking, Pollen-proof, Anti-electric, Electromagnetic shield, Flame-proof, Wrinkle-resistance, Durable water repellency, Mirror function curtains
[Chemical analysis and Instrumental analysis] [Investigation of returned items] [Inspection, fabric inspection and mend of secondary products] [Testing of interior lifestyle goods] [Testing of fashion accessories] [Measurement of working and indoor environments]

Products Handled

[Woven and knitted fabrics ranging from staple fibers to final products] Cotton, Fiber, Feather/Down, Yarn, Woven and Knitted fabrics, Textiles, Industrial materials, Automotive interior materials, Geotextiles
[Interior and lifestyle goods] Furniture, Fashion accessories, Ornaments, Bedclothes
[Hazardous chemicals] Building materials, Metal products, Wood products, Resin