Accredited Certification Body

  • Japan Textile Evaluation Technology Council (SEK mark) subcontracting testing body
  • Society of International sustaining growth for Antimicrobial Articles (SIAA) testing body
  • Japan Hygiene Products Industry Association (JHPIA)
  • Nippon Interior Fabrics Association (NIF) testing body
  • Japan Far Infrared Rays Association(JIRA) (Certification mark) testing body
  • Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) certification testing body
  • Cashmere and Camel Hair Manufacturers Institute (CCMI) certification testing body
  • Consumer Product Safety Association (SG mark) subcontracting inspection body
  • Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism designated performance evaluation body (Formaldehyde emission construction material performance evaluation)
  • Product safety registration cause investigation agency network
  • Membrane Structures Association of Japan designated testing institute
  • Each department store, mass retailer, mail order, etc. certification inspection body
  • Each material and apparel manufacturer such as certification inspection body
  • ISO 9001 certification authority
  • JNLA registration test operators
  • Registration inspection body based on the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare “Food Sanitation Act”, and Apparatus, Containers and Packaging
  • Testing institute specified in the law enforcement regulations on pharmaceuticals and medical devices etc.
  • White List Management System

We are assigned to Strategic Partner of White List Management System

Shanghai Aili Boken Quality Evaluation Co., Ltd. (AIKEN), one of the BOKEN Group, has been certified as an accredited inspection agency from China National Textile & Apparel Council (CNTAC).
BOKEN will approach a task listed below within this system, and continue to strive in serving Japanese textile industry.

Purpose of White List Management System

The purpose of this system is to ensure safety of each process until the end product is produced so that it will not contain hazardous substances. In order to achieve this, provide guidance and information from the view of safety management of world’s regulatory trends of chemicals around the world and characteristics of the chemical substances.

Approach of BOKEN towards White List Management System

Activities of this system is not just for one company but intended to spread to all Chinese textile industry (raw material industry, textile industry, dye stuff industry and sewing industry) which has big impact on media and influence. BOKEN will provide detailed safety information, etc. of Japan.

We will attempt in sharing information between China and Japan of training session of China National Textile & Apparel Council, legal information of Japan to participate in seminars and provide consumer information, etc.

Since China National Textile & Apparel Council is in conjunction with the world textile industry associations, latest information regarding safety of world’s chemical regulatory information, test standard information, etc. is provided from the association. We will be the help desk of these information within Japan.

Utilizing this system, we will hold a BOKEN exhibitions, seminars, etc. in China and disseminate the quality management level of Japan to Chinese side.

We will cooperate and participate in making of “Textile Industry Chemical Management Guidelines” issued by the Staining Association in China, and hope they will understand the safety requirements in Japan.

As well as cooperation in ensuring safety of textile products, we will contribute to the trade promotion between Japan and China.