BOKEN is Japan’ s leading comprehenive testing organization that conducts testing and research with a focus on not only textiles but lifestyle goods.

Test Application

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Test Application Flow

Test Application to Issue of Test Report


Please contact us from the contact form below.


We will prepare your documents and check test application content and sample size. Delivery date will depend on the test. Please contact us for more information.


We will start testing.

Issues Test Report and Invoice

We will send you by e-mail.


<Reception Desk/ Mail/ Take out>
We will give you your test report and invoice.
If you need your test samples back, then we do as necessary.
If you are taking out from the reception desk, then please bring in a copy of your test application form.


<Transfer and Reception Desk>
Bank transfer destination is written on the invoice.
If you are willing to pay at the reception desk, pleaes bring in the invoice.
* If this is your fist test application, then test report will be handed in to you after the payment is confirmed only for the first time.

Test Application and Test Item Contact

If you have any questions regarding test application or test items, please contact using the contact form below.