1948Established the Japan Spinners Inspecting Foundation.
1958Designated by government as testing organization under the Export Inspection Law.
1962Registered as testing organization for arbitration of micronaire readings.
1969Developed BOKENSTAIN (textile identification agent).
1970Denominated a common name as “BOKEN”.
Started BOKEN Exhibition.
1976Designated as testing organization for Q mark inspection.
1977Registered as testing organization under the Working Environment Measurement Law .
Registered as testing organization under the Measurement Law.
1989Formed a business alliance with SGS Hong Kong Ltd.
Established Tokyo(Tobu) Testing Center.
Designated as testing organization for SEK mark inspection.
Designated as testing organization by International Down and Feather Bureau.
1990Designated as testing organization by International Down and Feather Bureau.
Designated as testing organization for carpets by Japan Fire Retardant Association.
Started BOKEN Seminar.
1992Formed a business alliance with China Textile Institute in
1993Formed a business alliance with SP Technical Research
Institute of Sweden.
1995Established Shanghai Testing Center.
Changed structure to branch system.
Registered as investigative organization under the Product Liability Law.
Established approval testing center for lifestyle goods.
Established new testing center of Tobu(Tokyo) Head Office.
1996Formed a business alliance with Korea Woven Fabrics Testing Institute (Renamed
as FITI Testing & Research Institute).
Set up a website.
1997Started Textile Introductory Textiles seminars.
1999Acquired ISO 9002 certification.
2000Acquired JNLA (Japan National Laboratory Accreditation) certification.
2002Established Changzhou Testing Center.
Established Qingdao Testing Center.
Acquired ASNITE (Accreditation System of National Institute of Technology and
Evaluation) certification (Tobu, Kinki, Chubu, Seibu).
Started Quality Control Seminar.
2003Renewed ISO 9001 registration.
Registered as an accredited business under the
international MRA (Tobu, Kinki, Chubu, Seibu).
Established Life Environment Testing Center.
Established Kinki CITYLAB Honmachi.
Designated as a designated performance evaluation
organization of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure,
2004Established Life Environment Testing Center Tokyo Laboratory.
Formed a business alliance with SGS Taiwan Ltd.
2005Formed a business alliance with SGS-CSTC Ltd. (Guangzhou)
Established Shanghai Second Testing Center (Now: Shanghai puxi Office & Laboratory).
Designated as testing organization of CCMI (Cashmere
and Camel Hair Manufacturers Institute)
2006Renewed ISO 9001 registration.
Formed a business alliance with SGS-CSTC Ltd.(Hangzhou)
Established Tobu Nihonbashi VIVOLAB.
2007Established Lifestyle Goods Testing Center.
2009Held the first overseas BOKEN Exhibition.
2010Established Tobu Shibuya Office.
2011Transformed to general incorporated foundation.
Changed name from “Japan Spinners Inspecting
Foundation” to “Boken Quality Evaluation Institute”.
Established Shanghai Functional Analysis Center.
2012Formed a business alliance with Chinatesta Textile Testing & Certification Services (CTTC).
Formed a business alliance with SGS Indonesia Ltd.
Established a group company “Qingdao Boken Quality Evaluation Co., Ltd.”
2013Established Tokyo Head Office
Formed a business alliance with SGS Thailand Ltd. and SGS Vietnam Ltd.
Established Osaka Hommachi Office.
Elected as strategic cooperation partner of China National Textile & Apparel
Council (CNTAC) White list management system.
2014Established Bangkok Office & Laboratory and Ho Chi Minh
Office & Laboratory.
Registered as registered inspection body under the Food
Sanitation Act.
Established a group company “Changzhou Boken Quality
Evaluation Co., Ltd.”
Established a group company “Shanghai Aili Apparel
Check & Mending Co., Ltd.”
Established Nantong Office in Changzhou Boken Quality
Evaluation Co., Ltd.
Formed a business alliance with HeiQ Materials AG, a
chemical manufacturer for textiles in Switzerland.
Expanded a business alliance with SGS Thailand to
Kingdom of Cambodia.
Formed a business alliance with Japan Electrical Safety &
Environment Technology Laboratories (JET).
2015Registered Analysis Test Center (Tokyo and Osaka Office &
Laboratory) for specific aromatic amines as JNLA
Registered Testing Organization.
Established Qingdao Boken Quality Evaluation Co., Ltd.
Dalian Reception Office.
Established Phnom Penh Office & Laboratory.
Moved and expanded Okayama Office & Laboratory.
Formed a business alliance with Techno Science Co., Ltd.,
an environmental analysis company.
2016Shanghai Pudong Test Center integrated with Shanghai Puxi Test Center, renamed as “Shanghai Test Center”
2017Registered as a testing and inspection organization (registered testing and inspection organization) that has received a registration from the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare prescribed in Article 12, Paragraph 1 of the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Act enforcement regulations, Article 12
Changzhou Testing Center Relocation, Expansion
2018Moved Osaka Head Office and Osaka Office & Laboratory. Moved Osaka Hommachi Laboratory.

Shifted from business divisional system to business headquaters sytem.

Moved Tokyo Testing Center Shibuya office, and the name changed to Shinjuku office.


Joined the SAC (Sustainable Apparel Coalition).

ZDHC (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemical) factory wastewater analysis accredited laboratory (Collaboration with TECHNO SCIENCE)

2021Higg FEM educational and training organization
Joined Japan BioPlastics Association, and started biodegradation test
Acquired ISO / IEC 17025 laboratory accreditation
China National Textile And Apparel Council (CNTAC), shifted from strategic cooperation partner of White List Management System to full-scale strategic cooperation partner
Concluded a technical and business alliance agreement with UNITIKA GARMENT TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.
2022Aquired ZDHC ATP(accredited education training agency).
Affiliated JSFA(Japan sustainable fashion alliance).
Established Headquarter of Quality Support(expand into 6business department).
Moved Qingdao Testing Center.