Since its founding, the BOKEN Group has supported the safety and security of society by testing and inspecting the quality performance of each product as a fair and neutral third party testing organization.
Today, the BOKEN Group’s role is becoming wider and deeper, by playing a role in quality assurance and corporate social responsibility activities throughout the supply chain.

We believe that it is the mission of the BOKEN Group to contribute to the realization of a safe, secure and sustainable society by promptly providing valuable information as a fair and neutral third party testing organization.

To become a professional organization in which each person makes most of their expertise and contributes to society.

What the Boken Group aims in order to fulfill its mission is that “a professional group in which each person makes most of their expertise and contributes to society.”
BOKEN has shifted to the business headquarters system from fiscal 2019, and has promoted the expansion of “target fields,” “target markets,” and “target services.”

Boken’s role is not limited to the fields of apparel, textiles, furniture, daily goods, cosmetics, containers and packaging, but also expanding to a wide range of fields such as nursing care, medical care, transportation, logistics, electrical machinery, household goods, and industrial products.

We accelerate the innovation from the conventional “inspecting organization” to “a partner performing quality assurance together with customers” by accumulating “technology capabilities”, “information collecting ability” and “adaptability” that industries and society widely call for.

In addition to performing reliable testing service, we believe we take part in consumer quality assurance and corporate social responsibility not only in Japan but also in Asian countries, by developing variety of service in which each person makes the most of their expertise at the field of sustainable supply chain management, quality support work, joint R & D work, and education support work.

The BOKEN Group will continue to deepen each and every effort with aim of becoming a “quality assurance partner” trusted by business partners and related industries.
We believe that continues to be BOKEN Group what society calls for through these efforts will connect to fulfilling the social responsibility of BOKEN group as a member of a sustainable society.

All of our employees constantly strive to be the best.
We will greatly appreciate your further guidance and encouragement.

July, 2021

President, Chief Executive Officer Yasunori Yoshida

Basic Quality Policy

Contribute to improving and stabilizing product quality to improve life and culture.
Provide useful, timely information to customers, with a priority on trust.