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Basic Seminar on Textile Tests-Jakarta

– Jakarta –


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Place (Jakarta) SGS Semarang Labo
Ruko Diponegoro Jl. Diponegoro No. 247 Ungaran Kab. Semarang 50512 – Jawa Tengah

The popular “BOKEN Apparel Cram School” in Japan will be held in Jawa Semarang at SGS Labo by our lecturer!
This is a seminar for local staff to learn the basics of textiles.
There is also a lab tour, so please join us.
*Language used during this seminar: Japanese and local language.
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20 people

Tuition Fee Free

For application, click the button below.

After confirming the application, we will send you an e-mail to notify that the reception is complete.

*We wil ony consider application for up to 2 people per 1 company.

Due Date

2020 /2/ 20 (Thur.)

About Application:
About the application:
* Please note that we may refuse if the capacity is exceeded even before the deadline.
* Please contact us in case of cancellation.
* We will send you an e-mail in two to three days after applying. In addition, we will send an attendace sheet within one week, so please contact us if you do not receive the email.
*For applications after the deadline, please contact the following contact directly.

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Boken Quality Evaluation Institute
Jakarta: Kuwakubo, Ryan
TEL+62-21-2978-0600 FAX+62-21-2978-0678